Backyard Poultry – Naturally

Backyard Poultry – Naturally
Alanna Moore

The revised 3rd edition (2014) is a 152 B5 page paperback now with all colour photos

ISBN: 9780975778289

Python Press price – $AUD35

From housing to feeding, from selection to breeding, from pets to production, and from the best lookers to the best layers, this book covers everything the backyard farmer needs to know about poultry husbandry – including preventative and curative herbal medicines and homeopathics, plus permaculture design for productive poultry pens. It continues to be Australia’s best selling chook book, with rave reviews! (Alanna, who is often referred to as ‘The Chook Lady’, for many years wrote a regular poultry column for Earth Garden magazine, called ‘Living in Fowl Times’.)