Touchstones for Today

Touchstones for Today

– designing for Earth harmony with stone arrangements

by Alanna Moore

Published by Python Press, February 2013.

ISBN: 978-0-9757782-5-8

142 pages, with 90 black & white illustrations.

Python Press price – $28

Ancient standing stones transmit beneficial Earth energies and provide anchor points for the power and spirit of the land, author Alanna Moore has found. Old traditions of healing, divination, wish fulfillment and fertility associated with certain stones continue to hold currency today. From Britain’s Stonehenge and stone altars in Ireland (as seen on the cover photo), to Aboriginal people’s stone arrangements with cosmological connections in Australia, to modern labyrinth making – the urge to work with stones spans the world.

Anyone can potentially tune into Earth’s subtle dimensions with the art of dowsing and other forms of super-sensory attunement. This book describes how to discover for yourself the magical energies associated with both ancient megalithic sites and modern stones of power; and how to create energetic stone arrangements for Earth harmony and ritual working with the Sacred Land.

Alanna Moore has been a geomancer for 30 years, sensing and advising on the energies and spirit of place, teaching around Australasia and beyond, and incorporating knowledge of Earth Mysteries into landscaping and permaculture design.

Touchstones for Today is a revised and updated version of a 2005 book The Magic of Menhirs and Circles of Stone, of which has been written:
“…[It] will encourage you to create your very own Labyrinth or Stone Circle in your backyard,”
Don McLeod, ‘Silver Wheel’ magazine, South Australia, 2005.

Touchstones for Today Reviews

“In Touchstones for Today, geomancer Alanna Moore encourages us to rediscover the ancient wisdom and apply it to our local environments…. To Moore, these touchstones around the world are linked to a rich heritage that belongs to all of humanity. Her deep reverence for our sacred Earth is inspiring”.
Ruth Parnell, Nexus magazine, June – July 2013, edition 20-4.

“An absorbing book… it has been well researched… [and] I recommend this book to Dowsers for a guide to stone layouts around the world.”
Keith Fitzgerald, Dowsing Club of South Australia.

“This book is a little goldmine of useful information… Alanna’s writing is always engaging… [and] her extensive research is presented in a clear, no-nonsense fashion with little extraneous commentary, so what you get is an easily accessible, concentrated repository of information on all things petrous”.
Grahame Gardner, President of the British Society of Dowsers and a founder member of The Geomancy Group.

“The most useful feature of the book is the “do-it-yourself” aspect. We are shown how to construct our own stone circles and labyrinths to enhance the energy of our homes and gardens… We are guided on the correct selection of sites, their orientation, and rituals for commissioning and decommissioning. All of this is well illustrated by photographs taken by the author”.
Kieran Comerford, Irish Society of Diviners